Frequently asked questions
General Information [Questions 3]

About Ultboost?

Ultboost is configured with limited members of ex-professional players, current challenger players and streamer boosters experienced with over 4 years. We never let anonymous boosters to claim the orders, unlike other boosting industries. We have always kept our profiles, individual skills, moralities and personalities of all support team and boosters at the best level. Therefore, we have never had any incidents (ex: unfinished orders, accounts getting banned caused by our team, arguments with customers) in the past. We always think of the customer's satisfaction at top priority, and we can guarantee you fast and clear orders to be proceeded.

How can we trust this team?

Ultboost can proudly guarantee you that our team is No.1 at the safety level. We always make sure that only perfectly identified and certified boosters of our team can only contact our customers and claim the orders, so anyone without those permissions and identifications can never claim your orders. Also, we can promise you that VPN, SSL encryption, external spoofers and off-line modes will be used to make sure to keep all customers' accounts at the safest level during the processes.

How long will it take to start/finish orders after claim?

It may differ depending on the divisions and types of the order, also the amount of orders of the day and available boosters of the day can bring the odds, generally regular Solo Division orders take about 30 minutes to start / (standard of 10 Net wins) 9.5 hours, 7 hours for a division / express orders are finished 30% faster.

Payment Methods [Questions 4]

What are the payment methods?

Stripe, PayPal, Crypto Currencies, VISA, MASTERCARD are current payment methods, and we are seeking for more payment methods to be available for our customers!

How can we know our payment accounts are safe?

Just like other boosting industries, OO does not directly proceed with the customer's financial information. Only the payment gateway companies such as Stripe can access to your data. Do not worry about it. We can promise you that we only use the safest and certified payment gateways for your safety.

I made a mistake in selecting the details of my order, what should I do?

No worries. You might be able to transfer to another type of same price or store credit. Reach out to our 24/7 Live support to help with your order.

Can I refund/cancel my orders?

Ultboost's products (boost orders) are categorized as Intangible digital goods, so it is not able to be "returned" and might be difficult to refund/cancel your orders. However, we generally give customers a partial refund or transfer to store credit depending on the progress of the orders. Reach out to our 24/7 Live support to help with your order.

Boosting Service [Questions 5]

What specific types of service OO offer?

Ultboost has 8 basic services and specifically customized services. Basic services include Solo Division, Duo Division, Solo Net wins, Duo Net wins, Solo Placements, Duo Placements, Nomal Net wins, and Duo Games. You can find the description of each service on the "Boosting" Page. Specifically customized services are if the type of service is not available in the basic services (ex: coaching, placements to Master Division), customers can specifically customize orders after talking with our support team, then, we will create an invoice that conforms the conditions of the specifically customized services.

Can I tip my booster?

Of course. Thank you always for tipping our family-like boosters. You can tip to booster individually or you can use the "Tip to booster" item at the top of the order progress.

Can I play with or choose the booster I want?

Yes, of course! First of all, I'm glad that you have a booster of your favor. We always aim to provide the most diverse and customizable options available for all specific boosting. If you want to select a specific booster that you like, please contact 24/7 Live Support.

Can I login/play on my account while the order is in progress?

No. Please refrain from logging in/playing while the order is in progress. We can't compensate for dodges and promotion fails due to your carelessness. If possible, please login/play after discussing with the assigned booster.

Can I change the booster if I do not like the current booster?

Yes of course. To change your booster, you can reach out to our 24/7 live support team or via e-mail provided on the website. Our live support team are always putting in efforts to provide our customers with the best and fastest services.

Other Questions [Questions 4]

Is there any Loyalty system? If yes, how do they work?

Ultboost always thank so much and are loyal to our customers with high loyalty levels. We provide order priorities and cashback depending on loyalty levels. We determine the loyalty level using the data of the amount of orders and the satisfaction level, and other standards. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you the exact loyalty level determining standards.

How can I be a booster for this team?

There is a Booster Application on the menu of the left bottom Footer. Write the form and submit it. Our administrators will review your form and will contact you.

Keep in mind !!!

if you cannot provide your identification documents, application might be declined.

You have other questions?

Reach out to our 24/7 live support team! Our support team will always be happy to solve your questions!