Solo Net Wins

Desired Amount



60.0 $
48.0 $


This service includes for Free:

Average Completion Time:
Around 8 hours per division / 10 net wins.

VPN + Encryption Protection

Booster Ready to Play in 5 minutes

GrandMaster / Challenger Booster

Chat Offline when Playing

  What is a "SOLO" Boost?

Booster will log on your account and will play in your account.

  How does it work?

After purchasing the service, you will be redirected to the customer portal.

  What is a "Net win"?

Difference between the number of wins and losses. ( ex: 10Net wins=10W-0L 11W-1L )

  What if I have more questions?

We have a FAQ and a 24/7 Customer Support, always ready to answer any question or resolve any issue you may have.


Any questions or concerns?

ULTboost provides 24/7 Live Chat with admins to help you out! Please do not hesitate to talk to admin about anything you want to know!