Duo Placements

Desired Amount



60.0 $


This service includes for Free:

Average Completion Time:
Around 8 hours per division / 10 net wins.

VPN + Encryption Protection

Booster Ready to Play in 5 minutes

GrandMaster / Challenger Booster

Chat Offline when Playing

  What is a "DUO" Boost?

You will play on your own account and our booster will play with you.

  How does it work?

After purchasing the service, you will be redirected to the customer portal.

  How many wins do you guarantee?

We guarantee at least 70% win ratio for 10 placement games.( Solo 80%, Duo 70% )
If our boosters fail to win 7/10 games during your Placement Matches we will provide you FREE Duo Net Wins for compensation.

  What if I have more questions?

We have a FAQ and a 24/7 Customer Support, always ready to answer any question or resolve any issue you may have.


Any questions or concerns?

ULTboost provides 24/7 Live Chat with admins to help you out! Please do not hesitate to talk to admin about anything you want to know!